The Center for Understanding Monsterpersons

Founded in 1854 by the eccentric millionaire Cornelius Bucephus Rex, the agency was at the time simply called 'The Monster Hunter's League.' It was a small group of similarly wealthy men who had grown tired of their usual big game hunting and, in an effort to spice things up, began dabbling in the occult, to find larger, meaner, and more interesting prey. Many of the founding members were cut down by the monsters they found/unleashed, but still more innocent lives were saved from the sudden decrease in the amount of monsters roaming the world – a happy side effect! It wasn't until Cornelius' death (of natural causes, surprisingly!) in 1866 that the club began to turn into the agency we know today.

Cornelius' widow, Elise Rex, turned her late husband's considerable financial backing toward a new goal: instead of merely hunting the monsters they would begin to study them as well, learning their weaknesses in order to better defend humanity from them. What started as a way to kill time and money, grew into a veritable secret society, a light in the dark, a force armed with money and knowledge. The group was renamed The Hunters Association for Vanquishing Offensive Creatures, or HAVOC

The hunting continued for sometime, until the early 1950's when many noticed a large influx of less contemporary monsters, ones that were less gnashing teeth and more humanlike in their appearance. These monsters were worryingly easy to sympathize with, if perhaps no less dangerous than their more brutish counterparts, and many hunters found it difficult to dispatch them with the same sort of severity as they once had. A new initiative rolled through the agency, one that rode a wave of sentiment regarding the fairer treatment of monsters – some say these changes were actually brought on by the infiltration of a clever monster who managed to rise to the rank of Chief. These rumors have never been confirmed.

In any case, the agency was renamed the Center for Understanding Monsters, and in time once again changed to the Center for Understanding Monsterpersons, as the monsters' sentience was finally acknowledge. Today, the Center still works under a cover of secrecy, refusing to divulge its true intentions to the greater populace while it battles with the things that go bump in the night.  Information gathered on monsters is checked, summed up, documented, and released to government officials and special organizations deemed worthy of knowing, but some of it still leaks out to the media. It has headquarters in most major nations, though the US branch is still the most active (most because they can't help but meddle), with many of its agents being shipped off to remote locations whenever something abnormal occurs. 

The Center for Understanding Monsterpersons

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