Rumors of monsters and fiends are as common as the small towns they usually circulate, whispers in the dark about long-limbed beasts, corrupt magics, dripping oozes, and mighty dragons. The general populace, with the aid of media made facsimiles, have been able to ignore these creatures for many years, kept in the dark by both their own stubborn minds and by the powers that be.

However, sometimes the things that bump in the night bump a little harder than usual. A family report seeing strange things on their farm at night, kids go missing after a meteor shower the news failed to mention, an entire town's citizenry picks up in the middle of the night and heads down into the abandoned mines…

It's times like those when the veil of secrecy lifts just a bit, when black SUVs roll into town and unfamiliar individuals start asking questions, when the professionals arrive on the scene. 

Welcome to the Center for Understanding Monsterpersons. 

C.U.M. Agent Quest

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